God Bless America!  Stand beside her and guide her!


Most Beloved Son,

Recalling back the days when you were just a child,
And everything was so new to you, you almost drove me wild,
Toddling steps to explore what 'new things' you could find.
A pretty flower, a strange new bug, you never were unkind.

Each day brought brand new heights for you.
Each night, when you said your prayers,
You always thanked God for something new
That had made more 'wonderment' there.

I watched you grow, stand straight and tall,
All through your school years, exploring,
You met a girl when you were just sixteen,
You have spent your whole life, adoring.

Through college years, we welcomed her
Into our family,
And watched as you
Became a father,
Of our first-born grand baby .

What joy that you have given me!
What pride you have bestowed!
Your courage, confidence, and integrity
Have been something to behold.

But never more proud, than when I saw
You off to that far distant land,
Our country called, and you were there,
Willing to lend a hand.

I look at pictures now, of you, and your troop,
Mired down in that awful desert sand.
Unceasingly praying every day,
That the Lord will take your hand,
And Guide you, my son, and keep you safe
Until you are home with your family.

Hear my prayer,
Precious Lord,
For my Beloved Son,
For he means the whole world to me.


God Bless America!  Stand beside her and guide her!


Music "America" Courtesy of Patriotic Midi Files

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