Valentine Poem for the Lonely Lost

Valentines Day is rapidly approaching.
That time of year when hearts flutter
with romance and
we all wait for
kind words
flowers or candy
or a "special" date.

And then there are those who
for one reason
or another
are alone on Valentine's Day.
Maybe they lost their love
Or maybe they never truly had one
This poem, then, is for those.

The lonely lost

A valentine for the lonely lost.
The person who's dreams have been tossed
Into the twirling, swirling winds.
And, alas, loneliness begins.

You didn't plan your life this way,
Yet loneliness moved in to stay.
There were times when you knew it was true.
That Love was there, and could find you.

Moments when that fragile kiss
Ignited fires you could not dismiss,
Your beloved spoke, and words were fire.
Flames burned through your Heart's desire.

Yet, now you find yourself ~alone~
No valentine to call your own.
But there is One who calls you fair,
And that Love will always be there.

He gave His life up for His bride,
And Through His Power, won't be denied.
Winter soon is gone, it still rings true,
At Easter, He gave His Heart for you.

© January 25, 2005

Song of Solomon 2: 10~12

Rise up, my love, my fair one, and come
away. For lo, the winter is past, the rain
is over and gone; The flowers appear on
the earth; the time of the singing of
birds is come

Song of Solomon 4: 7

Thou art all fair, my love; there is no
spot in thee.







"Angels Among Us"

Jack's Midi's
Used With Permission


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