Land Of The Free

We live in the land of the free,
And the home of the brave.
Yet, how often we become a slave
To the tenets of societies social graces;
Find our morals lacking in diverse places,

Until we come to realize.
That our responsibility lies.
In keeping all things as they should be.
In the home of the brave, the land of the free.

That freedom was won on fields of yore,
Through the centuries and two world wars.
Was won at such a precarious cost.
As life and limb of our youth was lost,

To keep the values we seem to shy
Away from as the years go by.
In God we trust is on every dime,
Yet we don't seem to have the time

To say a prayer, or cast a vote.
So much of our lives now are done by rote,
That we hardly listen when first we see
Trouble brewing in the land of the free!

Nothing new ever since time began.
That is uncommon unto man.
We cheat, we lie, we swear, we sin,
We have no idea of how to begin,

To straighten out this mess we have made.
Since September 11th, have we all prayed
As we did in those first hours and days
As we watched New York in a ghostly haze?

Too soon we forget, and that must not be.
In the home of the brave and the land of the free!
At this very minute our soldiers are in harms way,
And they suffer untold hardships day to day.

While we complain of the price of gasoline,
Somewhere someone is shooting at our marines!
We send our children to schools
Where they won't let them pray.
Yet somehow we expect them to stay.

Moral, and faithful, chaste and pure,
While we expect them to endure.
Smutty music, degrading sin, violent TV
In the homes of the brave,
And the land of the free!

Let us all humbly bow our heads,
And say a heart-felt prayer.
That the Son of our Heavenly Father.
Will always stay here,

And guide us to the place our hearts should be.
In the home of the brave and the land of the free.









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