Gathering Moonbeams

Come with me, just once more
Into the nighttime fleeting
Let's gather moonbeams like once before
Let this be our "last" meeting.

Recall with me, the sparkling stars,
The full moon brightly shining.
You drew me softly into your arms,
And the clouds had a silver lining.

Long years of moonbeams, scattered now,
Whispered words of love, softly dying.
Today you walk on Heavenly Shores
Tonight, my heart is crying.

Come with me, just once more~~~
Call to me, reach for my hand.
Let's gather moonbeams as we did before~~~
And sprinkle them in the "Promised Land."

January, 29 2006









Midi: "Love Me Tender"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Music Composed
and Sequenced By:
Bill Basham


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