Easter Morning

Pink-tinged clouds in eastern skies
Awake the morning's dawn,
A restless night has passed again,
Golgatha's memory drags on.

Whipped, and scorned; badly beaten,
Forced to carry that heavy tree,
Through the cobbled streets of the city,
To a hill called Calvary.

There He spoke of Love and Forgiveness
While He suffered such agony,
Finally stating: "It Is FINISHED"
He gave up His Spirit, for you and me.

Now to His Grave, I wander slowly,
This one last service to do for Him,
Found it empty, His Body missing,
My tears are ladened with my sin.

"Why Weep"? I hear a familiar voice calling,
My Savior is standing before me now!
Reaching out to touch the hem of his garment.
To my Risen Lord I humbly make my vow.

I WILL STAND on the rock of Golgatha,
I WILL CLING to the cross of Calvary,
I WILL GIVE the Love You have taught me,
I WILL PLEDGE my life to thee.

2007, April 01












Song 'The Old Rugged Cross'
Courtesy of "Rose's Worship and Praise Music"




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