When I feel good inside,
I know what brings it about;
it's when I help a friend in need
whom I hear crying out.

I've traveled that dark, murky path
where hopelessness seems real;
I want to try to ease her pain
with love to help her heal.

I walk this gloomy path with her
searching for the light;
when she falls, I help her up
and hold her, oh! So tight.

Wounded, she wants to end it all;
she can't bare the pain inside
but she won't have a chance to do it
while I'm standing by her side.

Fear has swallowed her energy,
her face, a dingy gray;
eyes puffed with dark circles
baths in tears dismay.

Her wounded soul cries to be free
from a life of agony
but, I won't let her lose her way
she can always count on me,


I know she would do it for me.

By Madeleine Armstrong
aka Maggie ((~.~))

Dedicated to all my friends
you know who you are.
Love and peace, Maggie ((~.~))

"Do not bring me flowers to my grave,
give them to me when I can hold them
close to my nose and smell them and
store them in my heart."
Maggie ((~.~))












Song "Needing A Friend" Courtesy of  Dolphin Dream's Quietude


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