For just a moment did we meet?
After all this time I still remember
The warmth of the fire, glow of each ember
They burned steadily and strong thru the night
We laughed until dawn what a comical sight
I still hear you calling my name
Even as we danced, like children in the rain
The taste of your lips is a haunting reminder
That your gentle caress could never be kinder
So many memories lingering inside
No where to turn, no where to hide
I know not what to say or do
I am so caught-up in thoughts of you
These dreams inside my head
Taunt me as I lay in my bed
In the night I rouse from slumber
Once again your spell I am under
I'm barely waking, yet still I feel
As if my dreams are truly real

by Beulah Marie Starr (Iowa's Poet)

















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Song "Sweet Dreams"
Sequenced By Don Carroll

The Midi Studio Consortium



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