I was searching for a man
Someone who would love me
There are many men out there
But I'm older now - you see

It is a different challenge now
What I would be searching for
The looks, the clothes, the money
Just don't matter anymore

I don't look now for a man
To sweep me off my feet
Nor do I need a partner
To just go out and eat

I am looking for a man
Whose heart is brave and true
A man who sees the good in life
A man who thinks things through

A man who is a Godly man
One who knows well the King
Recognizes what He has brought
And for all the gifts that brings

A man who does not question
But knows God's words are true
Someone who does it naturally
As God would have him do

So perhaps your thinking
I've set too high my goal
But this is what I want you see
From depths within my soul

I pray, I cry, I question
Perhaps it is God's plan
I live these latter days alone
And I must understand

Some how I must find solace
Seems God just now proclaimed
He whispered gently in my ear
And it was Jesus' name

Mary Anne
October 2006
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"Keeper Of The Stars"



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