A Reflection Of You

In this life there will be hard times
there will be pain and many sorrows
But whatever the future may hold,
I will serve you all of my tomorrows.

When the raging winds begin to blow,
when the mountains I climb are steep
I will not turn away from you, Lord
I'll trust and believe my heart you'll keep.

If you were to give us all we desire,
what spoiled little children we would be.
Christianity is not some magical formula
for getting everything that we plea.

My heart is now broken into a million pieces
but you take my hurt and turn it into beauty
I see a glimpse of what you long to do in me
New hope begins to rise here on bended knee.

I will grow stronger and you will take my life,
using me to to be a blessing to hurting souls.
My wings may be broken, but I will fly again
You will heal all my wounds and make me whole.

I am stronger then I may appear to the world
I have overcome so many obstacles in my life
Trials will not make me bitter but stronger
By your Spirit, I will always overcome strife.

Sometimes we fear going through the storms
but help me Lord when the floods start to rise,
to look and see a reflection of you in me.
Just to be like you will be my greatest prize.

April 13, 2007

This poem is used with Tina's permission.
It must not be removed from this site, without
permission from Tina and me...


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