Praise the Lord

Praise the Lord I love you,
You took my sins away,
Gifting me with numerous blessings,
You answer when I pray.

Praise The Lord for loving me,
For giving without delay,
Praise the Lord for Calvary,
Where my burdens I faithfully lay.

Praise the Lord for the sunshine,
The day's new dawning of light,
Thank you dear sweet Jesus,
For needed shelter in the darkest night.

Praise the Lord for loving friends,
That shares your blessings with me,
I am grateful precious Jesus,
For all the love, they send to me.

Praise The Lord for stability,
You are there when storms rage,
I am secure in you, my Father,
You are there when in prayer I engage.

Praise the Lord for inspiriting me,
For the hope you instilled inside,
Praise my beloved Jesus,
In heaven one day, I will reside.

Gayle Davis
September 9, 2004


This poem is used with Gayle's permission.
Please respect her copyright.





Song: "I Will Praise The Lord"
Sequenced By Margaret Cox
Used With Permission


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