He is fairer than the lilies
Of the green and pleasant field
He is my Rock to lean on
My defence and my shield

He is the Rose of Sharon
And His perfume fills the air
He is my friend and Saviour
And I am in His care

He is the note of sweet music
That is pleasant to the ear
For He gives me a new song to sing
That the angels in Heaven hear

He is the One who refreshes
Like the sparkling morning dew
He is the lovely Jesus
The One who is always true

He is the Light that shines brighter
That the sun of breaking dawn
He is the wind that blows softly
And bids the clouds be gone

He reminds me of His promises
When a rainbow arcs the sky
And He bears me up on wings
Like the eagle that flies on high

Can an artist paint His beauty?
Or a poet phrase it with word
Can a singer really sing of His majesty?
And the wonder of the Lord

The breathtaking scenery of this world
Is only a reflection I see
Of the beauty of my Jesus
Who is everything to me

Colin Moffett











Song "Jesus You're Worthy Of Our Praise"
Original By Hamblen & Hamblen
Used With Permission



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