The mysteries of the universe
May be hidden out of sight,
But a mountain view gives way,
And lifts you toward the light..

The tiniest rock in a mountain stream,
Has God's eye upon it from above,
Our souls He envelopes to the scene
From His Mighty Throne above.

From the birth of creation
To the growth of all earths wonders,
His presence lingers ever near,
And abides right here among us.

From the days of Abraham until now,
God's abiding Love is there somehow.
Although we may be unfaithful,
His Love is never failing.

When trouble and sorrows come our way,
We call on God to abide with us everyday.
Needing His presence to be near,
Helping to guide and keep us from fear.

Lift up your eyes to the mountain's height,
Even beyond where He's out of sight,
But the views that are cast before our eyes,
Gives us faith that with us He abides.

The azure blue skies, or clouded with gray,
Are vast beyond measure in it's array.
Stormy or clear, there's no need for fear,
If you have Jesus in your heart to stay.

Fellowship divine, available every day,
As close as a prayer away.
Lift up your heart in endless adoration,
He will abide, as in countless generations.

Everyday the same, blessed be His Name,
Bringing joy to your heart, never shame.
The Great Physician, The Prince of Peace,
The Great I AM, is alive in me.

Shirley Barr
August 1, 2005







Song: "How Great Thou Art"
Roses Gospel Midi's

Top image is from Susans Treasure Chest Unlimited



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