"I need someone to love me".
I heard her say one day.
I smiled and said, "I love you",
And she said to me, 'No way!
Why would You love me?' she cried.
'I know that I'm no good!
I'd love to change my ways...
If it were possible that I could!'

'I've been a thief, a prostitute...
An adulterer, and a liar,
I have sunk so low into the gutter,
and I've wallowed in the mire!
I have lost all the friendships
that once I held so dear...
And now You say You love me,?
How can You want me near!'

I took her in my arms that day,
and held that one to me.
I felt her tremble as she sobbed,
'How can you love one such as me!'
She clung to me so fearfully
as I wiped away her tears,
And I could see that she had matured
far beyond her years.

She said, 'Oh, is it possible that
You could save me now?
That You could drive away my sorrow,
and change my life somehow?
Is it possible that I could live
my life anew again?
And start a new beginning,
casting out all my dreadful sins?'

Again, I held her in My arms,
and calmed her every fear.
"Come, Child, come with Me," I whispered,
as I brushed away each tear.
"It's time to go now...come, walk with Me."
She smiled, took my Hand and cried,
'Thank You, Jesus, for forgiving me.'
She closed her eyes, and...died!

Shirley Kotsanos





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Song: "No One Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus"
Courtesy of  "Rose's Favorite Gospel Music


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