Longing For You

If only love reached infinity,
Longing for you would keep me whole,
My yearnings would end for me sweetly,
Loving you was my heart and soul.

Just the thought of you reflects my days,
In the nights you were ever near,
Mornings you were by me most always,
I'm longing for you by me here.

You may be gone yet we still belong,
The love of us together cries,
Drowning in anguish I must be strong,
As I realize my heart dies.

Such bittersweet times I should weather,
Yet the thought of you gone so haunts,
Days and nights now blend altogether,
Longing for you flowers my wants.

I long for you in Eternity,
As I think of you near God's Rose,
Longing for you exists completely,
The beauty of love kissed us close.

© Sondra McPherson
18 December 2005

Written For and Dedicated to Karen.


Composition: "Hard To Say Goodbye"


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