A Beckoning Light

When a light beckons me at night,
It's your call I feel so sweet.
Especially on those restless nights,
I feel so incomplete.

Your steady light calms my fears and,
Gives me rest and peace.
As I feel your gentle presence,
Emotions I can release.

Dreams that haunt me in the night,
Seem to disappear.
As when the soft beams touch me,
I can feel you draw me near.

I feel the strength within the beams,
They give stability.
They seem to cover all my being,
And end my futility.

Oh let the light come forth bright,
So I may find my way.
To guide through dreams in calm waters,
And if into storms I stray.

May 2004




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Song: "Holy Are You"
Courtesy of Quality Christian Midi's
With Permission



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