The death of loved ones, tears the soul,
With pain that no human can console.
Do you feel great sadness, and grief,
That there seems no relief?

What more can Satan steal?
Take this pain, help me heal.
Yes, my dear , yes you can.
But, only with help; not of man,


Restoring , repairing, with your belief,
He takes your pain bringing relief.
His love, HE will behold.
Filling, restoring, making you whole.

With calm and peace His promises are true.
He will do it all, just for you!
Just cry out, give him your pain,
Your life you will regain.

A new found hope, and release.
Giving you life, filling you with peace.
He'll restore your heart, and soul.
He will repair and make you whole.

May you feel his blessed touch.
He loves you , SO very much!

Linda Brooks
October 10, 2006

This poem is used with Linda's permission.
Please respect the copyright and contact
her if you wish to use it!






Song "He Hideth My Soul"
Sequenced By Wanda


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