Death Isn't Final

Staring in darkened window
I watch salty drops of woe
ride the pane with every beat
of my relentless sorrow.

Howling winds swept you away ,
leaving me imprisoned
in lonely drowning memories
hungering for a vision.

Deaf to bird's melodies,
unfeeling to the sun's warmth;
I'm lost in frigid darkness,
no light to keep me warm.

I hear you say,
'Look within and you will find
my arms wrapped around you,
in a glimmering shine.

I envision your face in a wisp of clouds
while gazing at the blue sky above.
I hear your voice in the rustling leaves
and feel the whisper of your love.

You are with me when the sun awakes
I see your face on a sunbeam.
You are with me when the sun goes down
and I feel you in my dream.

All this time I thought you were gone,
but, you never did depart.
I looked within and found you mom
in the chambers of my heart.

By~ Madeleine Armstrong
aka Maggie ((~.~))

It will be 9 years at the end of this month
mom will have gone to her final resting place.
And I still miss her.




















Song "Lamb Of God" Sequenced By Janis Wilson



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