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When I Came Home

When I came home, He did not say,
"Oh, child, you’ve hurt Me so!
I searched through every brier patch,
I hunted high and low ...

Sometimes so close, your lashes brushed
My cheek as I passed by."
He only said, "Come to My heart.
Stay right here, by My side."

When I came home, He loved me,
Altogether, without cause;
Never chided me a bit,
Never spoke of His great loss.

It was all about the happiness,
Since I was by His side,
And He never said a thing about
My sinful ways; my pride.

When I came home, ~ Rejoicing!
It was all across the land!
He laughed out loud ... and never
Made a point of His scarred hand.

I think I can forgive a lot
When I consider Him,
Who put me right beneath His heart;
So I would not stray again!

Joan Clifton Costner
© 2004
All Rights Reserved©



"Lord I'm Coming Home"
From Joyful Noise
With Permission



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