My Dad used to have a car that looked like the one
in this picture, back when I was a child, but I
thought I was 'grown'! And I also thought I knew
it all! Time had a way of showing me that 
wasn't true.. :)

This picture brought a lot of memories back to me,
so I'm sharing a few of them...
Thank God for the ending verses!




Go Back To The 50's With Me!

Ahhhh yes those were the days My friend,
And we truly did think they would never end.
We had favorite place's where we'd all hang out,
And we thought we were sooo 'cool'~ without a doubt!

We loved the 'Malt Shop' where the gang all met,
On Saturday afternoon's, that date was set!
Then the drive inn movie on Saturday night,
Wearing our Levi's. Our shirt collars tipped upright!

Wearing those penny loafers was quite a treat.
A brand new shinning penny to display, was so neat.
Or maybe you preferred the black and white's
Both kind were cool, and both were 'alright'!

The food was the best too, back then,
A hamburger and a malt, didn't worry about being thin!
We had never heard of a thing called saturated fat,
And if we had a' we'd a laughed and said, "Imagine that!"

We loved to put a quarter in the jukebox and play,
Our favorite songs that was popular those days!
For a quarter you could 'spin' three 45's,
Rock and roll was in, and that ain't no jive!

Elvis was top's back then, and oh we loved him so!
So good looking, and the way he moved, he was a Pro!
We called him the "King" ~ and he was to all of us,
We were very mislead, and didn't know a thing about Jesus!

Nor did we want to know about Him back then,
But even then He was calling to us, our hearts to win.
How arrogant I was, and so foolish and vain,
Not realizing who I was following, and what I'd gain.

I know Jesus now, as my Lord and my "King,"
And I know it's with Him I'll forever reign!
He kept me safe through those turbulent years!
He's cleansed my soul, and dried my tears.










Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
"Don't be Cruel"

Music Composed
and Sequenced By:
Bill Basham


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