As I look beyond
What my eyes can see,
Your Majesty is more than
Awesome to me.

Yet it's featured in Your works
That surround me each day.
The beauty my eyes behold
Almost takes my breath away.

I see the majestic mountains
That tower up above me,
And know that somewhere,
The sea's splash at their feet.

The valleys below so pristine
Where animals graze and grow.
Lifting my spirits oh so high,
What an AWESOME show.

I am humbled before You Lord
In the face of all you've done
You spoke it into existence
The world, moon, stars and the sun.

Then at the appointed time,
You gave the best You had.
You sent to earth Your Son,
I know your Heart was sad.

The greatest work of all You gave,
With love and compassion true.
The freedom of choice to all,
To live eternally with You.

So here on earth You made a view,
And gave it to all mankind.
Forgiveness is ours if we ask,
To view the MOST AWESOME design.

Shy and Siggy
2007, Saturday, April 21

Shys Corner Of Blessings

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Music: "How Great Thou Art" Courtesy of  Rose's Front Porch




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