I've never seen the sun so bright
Or the sky such an azure blue,
The breeze whispers softly through the trees,
The fields; a glorious golden hue.

A Meadowlark sings a joyous song
Young colts dodge each other at play,
Children are laughing as they skip along
Oh my, what a wonderful day!!

I awoke this morning
to a world~~~ fresh and new,
Because late last night, Lord,
I gave my heart to you.

With my soul so repentant,
I bid You 'come in and reside',
You embraced me so tenderly,
And caught each tear that I cried.

Together,~~~ You and I
left that old world behind.
Why it took me so long, Lord,
I just must have been blind.

In this brand new world
I have a new love to give,
Unceasing Praises to You, Lord,
For as long as I live....

August 13 2006

Remembering Fay
who went home to the Lord
eight months ago, today.














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