My Friend,

I've come to rely upon you.
To share with me every day,
The joys of the work you are doing
Sharing His Word, with praise, and to pray.

Telling the "Ageless Old Story"
Of Jesus and His Amazing Love.
Shouting His Praise to the Heavens,
His Name over all others, above.

Weeping with those who have fallen,
Or who have some terrible disease.
Praying for children who can't find the way,
You handle these prayers with such ease.

Rejoicing in every new endeavor,
And working to present every word
In the beauty and glory adorning
The Grace of Our Magnificent Lord.

In the midst of all you are doing
Still you take time to embrace friends like me.
With encouraging words, and your undying love.
No truer friend could there ever be.


For Melva ~AKA~siggy
Just because.....

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Composition: "Friends"

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