Today, I met an angel,
‘Twas the strangest thing,
Such a pretty little angel,
Who was missing just one thing.

She had a flowing mane of hair,
A halo of purest gold,
Eyes that glowed with joy and peace,
Arms to lovingly enfold.

Her compassion was beyond compare;
Generosity surrounded by kindness,
Her qualities so exceedingly rare,
Yet, something seemed amiss.

Today, I met an angel
‘Twas the strangest thing,
Such a pretty little angel,
But she only had one wing!

“Why just one wing?” I asked her.
And she smiled and gently said,
“I’m really NOT an angel,
I’m a human being, instead.”

But if we pray together,
And try to do God’s will,
And remember His commandments,
And love each other still.

Things will still work out for good,
And I will tell you why,
We are each angels with one wing,
But together, we can FLY !!!!

Inspired by Linda Brooks
Who supplied the last line…..


© 2007 May 9













Music: Touched By An Angel




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