Lean to the Left

If you find your heart is bereft,
And your soul cries out for relief,
You will find me standing just a little to the left,
With a shoulder to carry your grief.

So lean to the left, my friend, when life
Hands you more than you can possibly hold.
Please know that my prayers will buoy you up,
Add my strength to yours; and be bold.

There is nothing that can harm you,
While God Holds you in the Palm of His Hand.
Draw your strength and courage from the love you give,
And let your friends help you make your stand.

So lean a little to the left, my friend,
I'll be standing right there by your side.
And together we can win whatever battle we face,
With God as Our Master and Guide.

January 11, 2007



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Song "Broken Vows"
From Josh Groban Album
Sequenced by Redsal
Used Only With Permission


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