A simple little message
To the keepers of my flame
Without your help and guidance
Things just would not be the same.

I have stumbled, I have fallen,
I have sinned, I've been untrue,
To my sweet and gentle Jesus,
Yet, your love has seen me through.

Like a child~~~I needed nurture,
So God reached out to each of you,
And gave you words of wisdom,
Gentle words, yet, oh so true.

The Lord has truly blessed me
And carried me this far,
Most blessed is your friendship,
You're my brightly shinning stars.

Jesus gently rocks me;
In His Embrace, I came
To understand your friendship,
You're the 'Keeper of the Flame'.

January 14, 2008

~ A lifetime friend is made in a moment of time
.....when two hearts connect.









Song: "The Gift"


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