It seems we all must make a choice
To live, to love, to give your voice
To things that matter most to you
And then, with action, follow through.

To live in love, right from the start,
That love was sealed, with a broken heart,
Yet carry on, until you can find
A life-long love; the eternal kind.

On purple days, I've made this choice
It seems at last, I've found my voice,
Love is Eternal, I know that's true,
And God is in Love's details, too.

Love is the answer, there is no doubt,
No matter what the question is about.
Do I love you? Let me count the ways,
Twill take me the rest of all my days.

And when I'm home with God at last,
He will forgive my torrid past,
Dry my tears and wipe my eyes,
Jesus will help me realize.

I made a decision, and made my choice,
I loved very well, and can rejoice,
Your actions proved your love, so true,
And with all my heart, I love you.

October 22 ~ 2007

On purple days my mind takes me to moments when
I wish I had the right words to say
This is written for all those I love,
Thank you for loving me in return.
...God Bless and remember...
U R Loved








Song "Forever More"


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