If you take a peek
at where the two blues meet
You will see the
ocean 'greet' the sky,

The clouds float down
below the peak
Of this mountain top
o, so high!!!!

And standing here,
with my heart so near
To Heaven's great expanse,

I raise my arms,
hum a little tune,
And allow myself~~
~~to dance~~

Never before
can I explore
such a crater
My Father created.

The colors collide
with my senses inside,
And I am totally

I'm on Top of the World
Caught up in the swirl
Of this Island paradise,

Praising God for the pleasure,
And for love beyond measure,
Much more than I realized.

There's a chill in the air
And I must despair,
the leaving is much too soon,

I shall always remember
this mountainous treasure:
A landscape that's
shaped like the moon.

I'm on

September 12, 2006

With love to Dawn who made this all possible





Song: "Autumn Harvest"
Sequenced By Janis Wilson


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