If I could, I'd ease your pain,
Erase the hurting from your eyes,
Lift the burden that you bear,
Lighten up your skies.

Chase the storm clouds all away,
And make rainbows appear,
Fill your days with joy and love,
And take away night's fear.

Banish all the loneliness
And sorrow from your mind,
Sweet memories place there, instead,
The joyful, healing kind.

If I could, I'd gladly do
All this, and more, for you.
But I don't have that kind of power;
That power belongs to you.

I can only be there when you call,
To laugh with you, or cry,
And talk about the way things are,
I cannot answer "Why".

When shared; joy is doubled,
Sorrows; only half as hard to bear.
You are very special to me,
If you need me, I'll be there.

Revised 2008

This poem was written for Jerry,
when his heart couldn't bear the pain
of the loss of the love of his life~~~
My sister, Marlene~~~~







Song "I'll Be There" Courtesy of Georgia Girls Midis



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