Standing so patiently on the shore
Feeding a sea gull crumbs of bread
As the sun shines warmly over head.

Marveling at this bird at rest,
She feeds, and watches them gather,
Their freedom she values as much as her own,
They, too, were created by Our Savior.

Oh, how precious can this child be!!!
What marvelous wonders will she see,
As she grows to womanhood???
May she be blest with all that is good!!!

Teach her to love with ALL of her heart,
Let kindness and compassion be just the start
Of a life of love, and hope, and joy.
And ALL of God's Blessings, may she employ.

Like the flowers in the field,
Or the birds in the air,
Heavenly Father, keep this precious child
Safely in Your Care.

And Lord, please teach her to love~~~

2007, February 14





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