Today is my birthday,
And the Dear Lord gave to me,
A sweet Mommy and proud Daddy,
I'm as happy as can be!!

I came straight from Heaven,
After giving Jesus a big hug,
So when you kissed my tiny cheek,
I know you felt HIS tug.

I know you counted all my fingers,
You counted all my toes,
You looked, deeply, into my eyes,
You even kissed my tiny nose.

I must be a pretty special boy,
God gave me the very best,
Great-Grandma, Grandmas, Grandpas too,
I really passed the test!!!!

I'll be looking to all of you,
To help me as I grow,
To teach me to be pure and kind,
All things that I should know.

I love you so, my family,
I'm safe from all world harms.
So, for now, just let me snuggle,
Cuddled closely in your arms.

February 1, 2007








Song: Touched By An Angel


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