Gentle Jesus, can You see
My shadow in the sand?
The ocean is so big, I can't see
Where it reaches another land.

My teacher tells of a grain of sand;
It means nothing to the shore,
Yet lose enough grains, and erosion begins,
Jesus, am I a grain of sand that you adore?

My Granna says I can talk to you
Where ever I happen to be,
So with my shovel in hand, playing on the sand,
I'm wondering, Jesus, Do you love me?

Jesus loves ME; I know, the Bible tell me so,
I'm learning every day about You in my school.
And it's up to me, to follow You and to be
A good neighbor, and use the Golden Rule.


Mommy's calling my name, so I have to stop playing,
It was so good to talk to You, Jesus,
We'll speak again tonight, before I turn off my light,
I love this playing and praying....Gentle Jesus...

May 20, 2006






Song: "One Man's Dream"
From Bonita's Midi Sampler
Used With Permission


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