Two of my close friends are praying unceasingly
And fighting for the lives of their husbands…
My heart aches for both of them I’m praying that
both of these fine men will come through this time
unscathed. But I can’t help but recall what I went
through during my husbands

Final illness.

I Still Can’t Say Good-bye

I can’t stand to see you suffering,
I can’t bear to let you go,
I can’t think beyond the moment,
Oh my God, I love you so.

You try so hard to hide the pain
Reflected in your bluest eyes.
You smile and tease my kiss away
“Taking advantage of me”, you replied.

We try to speak of coming events.
Plans for an early summer wedding,
We pray with our pastor who came to call
Through the snow storm that was so threatening.

Christmas is just days away,
They are caroling in the halls.
Reindeer romp across your bed
For a smile Tracy can recall.

We talk quietly of important things
Should you not be there, I must agree.
To do what you had planned to do,
Before this final battle with your disease.

I smile and say, you will be there
To walk her down that aisle,
And buy for her just one last dress,
You give me a thoughtful smile…

Make sure she knows, and understands
How much she meant to me.
Remember the words to put on the note,
And sign my name for me…

Your suffering is over now,
Your soul has been set free.
And I have bought that wedding dress,
And wrote the note so tenderly.

I still can’t bear to let you go,
The tears stream from my eyes.
Twenty long years since our last kiss,
And I still can’t say ~ Good–bye…

More than yesterday

Less than tomorrow…

Written for my Love
© August 10, 2006





 Song: "Hope"



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