Traveling down this lonely highway,
Don't understand why things
Didn't just go my way,
Heartbreak, it seems to me,
Was just meant to be
A Long, Lonely road becomes my bye-way.

I meant those vows
I spoke to God above,
As we stood before a Priest,
And pledged our love,
Unfaithfulness, it seems,
Has shattered all my dreams,
My soul now needs a gentle shove.

She's asleep in the back seat,
And she's made my world complete,
Now it's up to me to build a life for her.
Lord, please, comfort, and hold me close,
For it's YOU I need the most,
For without Your Love, I know I can't endure.

Give me strength to carry on,
And the faith to move along,
Help me make the choices that will please,
Help me teach my child to pray,
And be grateful, every day,
Lord, help me make forgiveness my new creed.

Divorce is a long and lonely road,
And it's such a heavy load,
Yet, I know I can count on Your Perfect Love.
Be my Driver, be my Guide,
help me 'still' 'to love inside',
Stay with me, Lord, like hand-in-glove.

This long and lonely road I'm on,
Someday soon, it will be gone,
My grown child will start her own life, anew.
When that day comes,
Please, hear my plea,
Guide her footsteps,
Thank You, Lord, I'm Trusting, too.

When You call me home at last,
Please forgive my sordid past,
Understand~~~I know ~~~I'm saved by Grace!
Words won't matter anymore,
When I reach that distant shore,
Long Lonely Roads have been replaced.

January 25, 2008




Photo for top came from Morgue File


Song: "A Broken Wing" Courtesy of Midi Jukebox



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