The time is getting short and
Very soon, my dear, you'll see.
The beautiful face of your sister,
She will be sweet and so lovely.

At first she'll be so tiny,
That you might be afraid
It won't belong before her coos and cries
Will fill your heart and head.

She will be the one, who looks to you,
She will mimic all your deeds.
She will want to be just like you are,
She will trust you with all her needs.

You'll be the "older sister" now,
And each year as she grows
She will look to you to help her through
The problems life bestows.

Your place in her life is secure.
She will love you from the start.
And you will have a very special place
Forever, in her heart.

The Lord has trusted you, my dear,
With this very special task,
To help and guide your sister
All along life's path.

I praise the Lord for Blessing you
With this challenge, I know you will be
The very best "older sister"
To my newest grand baby.

You know you have a special place
Forever, in my heart.
No one else can ever take your space,
For you have been there from the start.

But as the time grows shorter,
I just wanted you to know.
The bond we have between you and me
Will now and forever grow.

I look forward to meeting your sister,
And seeing her through your shining eyes.
I know you will unconditionally love her,
And you ~~~ she will idolize.

With Love to my Granddaughter, Katy,


February 7, 2006





Music "Circle Of Love"
Original by Jalal Ali 
Used With Permission


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