Mommy's eyes behold you darling,
Child that grew within my heart,
Born of Love that knows no limits
Two souls united ~ the tear drops start.

What will life hold for you, my beloved?
What talents do you have to offer now?
What joys will ignite your tiny heart,
What sorrows will crease your beautiful brow?

What will these delicate fingers caress?
As now I hold your grasping hand,
To whom will you share your preciousness:
Those God-Given gifts, at your command.

Who will know your authentic being
You have yet to fashion on your own?
Who will capture your heartstrings?
Who will call you his very own?

What career will be your calling?
What will be your greatest gift?
Will you know the joy I am now feeling
While holding your tiny body to my breast?

Oh, child of mine, my heart is bursting
With pride in you and what you will become.
I pray the Lord will always protect and guide you,
And bring you safely through your journey home.

I hope someday, you will come to understand,
When you hold your own child, and realize….
The Love, and Prayers, concern and guidance
You are going to see in your Mommy's eyes.

July 27, 2006 ©




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Song: "Hope"


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