For those of you who have been faithfully praying for
some dear friends of mine, I want to offer to you a


We have to go back to over a year ago, when we were
asked to pray for Amy, (CJ and Linda's daughter-in-law)
who doctors' thought might have cancer. She was
recently married, and wanted to have children with her
husband, Dan.

(The story of their engagement prompted the poem "Engaged".)
We joined with Dan and Amy, their parents, their church,
and the internet prayer chains, and asked the Lord to touch Amy.
The end result of her tests indicated that she did have
cervical cancer, which was removed by laser surgery,
but that she probably would never conceive and know the
love and humbling privilege of being a mother.

Again devastated, they asked for more prayer, and the Lord
touched Dan and Amy again.

They became the proud parents of
BORN MARCH 27, 2007
weighing 7 lbs, 7 oz.
20 inches tall.

As you know, CJ and Linda have their own miracle in CJ's
healing after super-extensive surgery and complications
that required that he be hospitalized for 63 days,
50 some days of which he could take nothing by mouth~~~
not even a sip of water.

There might be some grandparents somewhere that are
MORE proud and happy than Linda and CJ~~~
but I kind of doubt it.

I Am A Miracle

A bundle of joy
cradled in love
a Gift from God
who dwells above.

To tell those who pray
That He Hears your plea,
and as His PROOF,
He sent me!!!

To cherish to love
To teach and to share
All the angel's sweet kisses
I could possibly bear.

For my daddy; to spoil,
My Mommy's heart; I will hold,
For my grandparents to love
As they gently grow old.

Whatever life has
In store for me,
I know I can do it,

God gave me His Gifts,
Blessed me, it's so true,
God's Greatest Gift:
He gave me to you.

With love to Benjamin
2007, April 17

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