No easy way to say it,
It seems it can't be true,
I finally made a decision
That tore my heart in two,

Too long I watched him suffer,
He couldn't eat at all,
I had to put my dog down
Oh, how the teardrops fall.

I can see him as a puppy,
I can see him dance and walk,
I can see him sitting pretty,
Seemed as though he could almost talk.

As a pup he liked to run away
Scamper down a busy street
My heart would almost stop
At every car that he would meet.

He always thought he was so big
Typically, a male response
He'd chase any size animal in his path
As though he had 'carte blanche'

He loved each family member
Seemed to know them all by name
Asked if it was Lynn, Dawn, Bill,
His response would be the same~~~

He go to the window, take a look,
Then dance around, you see,
He snuggle up in Lynn's long hair,
Or bite Bill's butt with glee!!

Prim and proper, he'd behave,
When Dawn would come to call,
Sit daintily upon her lap,
Not cause a 'free-for-all'

He road with Katy in her wagon,
When she was only two ,
If she cried, he'd come get me,
Wasn't anything he couldn't do.

He loved to ride in the car,
He loved to take long trips,
He even flew on airplanes,
They even made him 'strip'

I can see his long ears flapping
As we rode in our motor cart,
I can feel his warm, wet kisses,
He was a perfect work of art.

He was my companion, confidante,
He was my ever, truest friend.
Two months seems like yesterday,
Will this heart ever mend?

May 1, 2008






Song: "Amazing Love"



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