Happy Anniversary

Forever in your heart

Ten years ago today
We gathered to hear you say
The vows that would impart
Forever, in your heart.

Look back at how far you have come,
Your career, your family, your home,
This is, in no small part,
The love you share in your heart.

I have watched you walk, hand in hand
On the beaches of Monterey sand,
The love you speak through your eyes
Your hearts tell who you idolize.

Be tender, and gentle, and kind,
Speak straight from your heart, not your mind,
Remember joys double when shared,
And burdens; only half as hard to bear.

Grow old together and you will see
That the best years are 'yet to be'.
Simple words I want to impart,
Hold your love forever in your heart.

To John and Tracy
with all my love~~~
God Bless
and remember........
U R Loved
Wednesday, June 6, 2006




Song: "Pualilia"
Kauai Style Midi Creations
Sequenced By:
Kalani Nishimura
Used With Permission


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