This is a picture I took of my
own footprints in the sand.
The sea washes them away so fast!
I wanted to always remember
the time I stood there,


~Warm Pacific waters gently~

~Bathing my poor tired busy feet~

Yes, I am flat footed!
I'm surprised you noticed.
Perhaps it's carrying the heavy load
That's been my cross to bear all these years.

~But I wouldn't change a thing~

And that is a strange thing to say
When you have made as many mistakes
As I have!
But we are a sum total of all our experiences.
~The GOOD Ones~

~And The BAD~

And all of that has brought me
To where I am today.
And I can marvel at the way the Lord
Made all my crooked roads straight

How I have learned, through Him,
And over time

~What true love is~

How to be happy in any circumstance
How to accept what He has so graciously offered
How to live my life unashamed,

Focusing on the truth as I know it,
Learning to love beyond measure,
Acquiring some very good friends
Yes, these are my footprints

In the sand

On a dreamy island

Where God took command
So, in the Name of Jesus
Forever let me stand

©July 7, 2005




Midi: "Shack"
Sequenced By:Kauai
Used with Permission


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