Dreaming Tenderly

I had a dream about you last night,
It was so real, I could feel your touch.
You came into my room and wakened me,
I haven't been sleeping much

You looked so tall, so handsome,
So strong, in your eye's I could perceive
That look of 'self-assurance':
That look that makes me believe!

You scoffed at my surprise and then
You calmed my every fear,
You gently held me in your arms,
And wiped away each tear.

You told me things were happening
That were a part of God's Master Plan,
And that I should be content to just
Do whatever it is that I can....

There are things I cannot change,
No matter how hard I pray.
God will make something good of
everything, if His Will I will obey.

You told me that it won't be long,
Before we can dance again,
Then you reached for my hand,
And I stood up to follow you right then!

You touched my face, cradled me
Against your chest for a moment, still~
"Not Yet, My Love" was all you said,
"We must wait for God's Perfect Will"

I awoke from this dream and firmly believe
That you were right here with me.
Your Sweet scent, like perfume, flowered the room.
I still feel your caress; O', so tenderly.

August 7, 2006





Song: "I'll See You In My Dreams"
Sal Grippaldi, Redsal
Musician, Composer, Digital Sequencer
Used With Permission


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