Beauty, Thy Name is Rose

Sixteen years ago, my nephew, whom I love
so dearly, introduced me to a young woman,
and told me he intended to marry her.

....Her name was Rose....

This poem is for both Bill and Rosebud.

....Our Rosebud....

A loving heart, a willing smile,
Eyes that could completely beguile,
A dashing mane of auburn hair,
She was a 'Rosebud' beyond compare.

Her beauty blossomed before our eyes,
And it wasn't long before we realized
That Bill had given his heart to her,
And she loved him too, of that we're sure.

That treasured love produced a family,
A girl, Hannah, and a boy named Tony.
Our Rosebud proved a wonderful Mother,
A devoted wife, and a faithful lover.

The love they share seems to have grown.
A love they share with all they have known.
This month they celebrate their anniversary.
A Rose by any other name is still a beauty.

Beauty~~~Thy Name is Rose,
God's gift to our family, Heaven knows.
God Bless you Dear, Praising God above.
For sending you to Bill; and us all to love.

Beauty~~~Thy Name is Rose

©March 23 2006




"The Rose"

Sequenced By
Bob Mace
Used With Permission


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